The Campus

The Babraham Institute is the heart of the Babraham Research Campus located in the village of Babraham, Cambridgeshire. The campus is now home to over 60 organisations with 1400 people working across the site.

Explore some of the Institute yourself as you now take on each of the puzzles to gather the data for your research paper!

1. Bioinformatics

Aligning gene sequence motif and gene sequence to identify gene of interest


2. Gene Targeting

Cloning our gene of interest to add a green tag


3. Sequencing

Identification of unknown protein by protein sequence


4. Flow Cytometry and Imaging

Using flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy to confirm cells are making fluorescent proteins.


5. Biochemistry Lab

Using chemical compounds to alter gene expression and levels of fluorescent proteins.


6. Epigenetics Lab

Predicting the expression levels of genes by epigenetic marks